Hi, I'm Cynthia

Digital Marketing Consultant / Facebook Performance Advertiser

About me

Creative, strategic and conceptual consultant with specialization in Facebook Performance Advertising and eager to get more out your digital marketing efforts.

  • Digital Strategy 80%
  • Proposition development 70%
  • Website Optimization 75%
  • User Interface Design 50%
  • Facebook Performance Advertising 90%


I belief that when you work in small steps and you test agile, everyday you can become a little bit smarter. I start with assumptions and test these clean to validate them. Every campaign or marketing activity is viewed as a way to learn and to make progress in the ever-improving continuous optimization process.

The digital world is constantly changing. What I think is cool that you can move along quickly and hook on new trends. This I do this with a dose of common sense, available data from analytics, learnings from best practices or previous campaigns. In the process I like to use my creativity. What I like more is that the digital environment makes it easy to work out several ideas into concrete expressions and that you can test them agile. Everything is measurable, what gives insight in your efforts allowing you to learn quickly what is working and what not.

I like to test what really works. Lean, fact-based and user centric.

Digital marketing for me is to be flexible, open to innovation, continuous testing and optimizing.

Adapt or #fail